Los Tres Motel

Los Tres Motel is open for check-in all day and all night, always ready to serve you a dose of heavy rock! The band Los Tres Motel is a power-trio based in the hardest rocking city in the world, Gothenburg Sweden.


The Los Tres Motel is the fruit of a long time friendship since the 90s that lead to a songwriting collaboration in 2016, and their recording; Writings On The Wall. Martin, Lars, and Dennis have all individually been involved in bands, collaborations, and projects with several artists.

Los Tres Motel Band
Los Tres Motel
Photo by: Helena Anund

Their musical influences come from a wide range of music but being raised on rock that is the spinal cord of their music. The song-lyrics are a reflection of the present times and challenges. Writing On The Wall is a dark song with a drive that calls upon us all to take off the blindfold and get more critical of the sources of what we read and listen to. This is a subject that is more current than ever. The song In Your Own Shadow is a slow suggestive rocker on a heavy beat that paints a picture of people that get stuck in the past. A time that was the pinnacle of their youth, and in their memory, was a much better time. But that never will come back.

Los Tres Motel Band

Dennis Holmberg: Drums
Martin Hansson: Guitars
Lars TC Anderson: Bass, Vocals

Los Tres Motel Music

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