Hear, See & Say No Evil

Spit It Out! recorded the EP Hear, See & Say No Evil in 1995 and released it 2022. The two songs are the bands take on alternative funky rock with groove and edge. Perhaps there is even a bit of grunge.

Links to stream and download: Hear, See & Say No Evil by Spit It Out!

Spit It Out! Hear, See & Say No Evil

Album liner notes

Produced by Spit It Out!
Recorded and Mixed by Fredrik Larnemo
Recorded & Mixed at Recordia Studios, Varberg Sweden
Cover by Lars TC Anderson

Recorded: 1995
Released: 2022
Catalogue number: 5059962686833

The Spit It Out! band

Lars TC Anderson: Super Bass, Lead Vocals
Carsten Rickermann: Guitars, Backing Vocals
Michael Persson: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Tyrone Berglind: Drums

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