This is It!

The CD and digital album release by Spit It Out! named This Is It! features seven original songs that incorporates funk and soul into melodic hard rock.

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Spit It Out! This is It!

Album liner notes

Produced by Spit It Out!
Engineered & Recorded by Cenneth Almgren & Måns Abrahamsson
Mixed by Måns Abrahamsson & Spit It Out!
Recorded & Mixed at Tuff Studio, Gothenburg Sweden
Cover photo by Bosse Tornevall
Design by Lars TC Anderson

Released: 1993
Catalogue number: 5059654534909

The Spit It Out! band 1993:

Lars TC Anderson: Super Bass, Lead- and , Backing Vocals
Carsten Rickermann: Scalloped Guitars, Backing Vocals
Michael Persson: Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Additional members 1990-1992

Håkan Ljungtegen: Snake Guitars, Backing Vocals
Johan Laux: Drums, Backup Shouts


Drums on Melrose Dream & (I Can’t) Get Enough by Dennis Johbarn
Additional Backing Vocals by Sofia Glamheden, Sven Sjöberg & Mike Bengtsson

Band page: Spit It Out!


Dion Strouse, Danne Glamheden, John Ballard, Fredrik Larnemo, Bosse Christiansson, Matti Almsenius, Arne Bengtsson, Tommy Fälth, Kajsa Mellgren & Pernilla Milacki, Henning Jensen, Stefan “Börje” Svensson, Hååg & Staff, Eira “Hello”, Dan Reed, Håkan “Fruit” Larsson, near and dear, family and friends.