Pawns in a Rigged Game

Pawns in a rigged game is the debut by the band Coaster of Souls. The EP was released in 2019 and features three songs in a varied take on hard rock that stretches from the energetic southern rock to the dark and slow metal.

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Coaster of Souls - Pawns in a Rigged Game - Cover

Album liner notes

Recorded at Studio Skogen by Erik Skytt & Per Skytt. Vocals, keyboards and additional guitars recorded at LA Hook Studio
Produced by Lars TC Anderson & Jonas Houston Nilsson, Mixed & Mastered by Jonas Houston Nilsson
Cover Design by Lars TC Anderson, Photo by Ben Cliff

Released: 27th of June 2019
Catalogue Number: 5059366905547

Coaster of Souls Band

Lars TC Anderson: Vocals & Guitars
Anders Harning: Guitars
Jonas Houston Nilsson: Drums & Keyboards
Thomas Franzén: Bass

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