Fighting Man

The debut 7″ from the NWOSHM band Lezlie Paice features two songs and was released on Pang Records 1983. The A side features the heavy and slow song Fighting Man and the B side features the melodic Some People Wanna Know. The vinyl is rare, very limited, but the music is available online.

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Lezlie Paice - Fighting Man Cover

Album liner notes

Recorded and mixed by Peter Edlund at Pahrda Studios, Stockholm
Produced by Lezlie Paice
Cover by Lars TC Anderson

Released: 1983
Catalogue number: 5057917104807

Lezlie Paice Band

Tony Tillerås: Lead Vocals
Håkan Ljungtegen: Guitars & Backing Vocals
Niclas Jerberg: Drums & Backing Vocals
Mikael Mörk: Guitars & Backing Vocals
Lars TC Anderson: Bass & Backing Vocals

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